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2010-02-10 01:52:49 (UTC)

A lot to think about...GIFT

Hi Diary,
I need to start getting back into the rhythm of writing in
here again...

The main reason I wanted to write in here is to remind
myself of a gift idea for boyfriend. I wanted to get him a
Dopp bag for Valentine's Day- unfortunately I don't have the
money to purchase a really nice one. But, the other day I
found out he'll be traveling before his birthday, so I'll
just give him an early present before he leaves. That will
give me enough time to save up.

Moving on, I'm closer each week for deciding my future. The
other day I found a place I want to do my wedding reception!
Pretty excited about that. This morning I attended a
Teacher's College session and found out that I do indeed
need to have a teaching certificate.... ugh.. the hassle!
I need to finish school asap! I'm getting older, not younger!

Speaking of working, for the past 3 weeks I've been applying
for retail jobs online and in person at 2 local malls. So
far I only received 1 call back, but it was for a location
not close to home- I declined. I was really hesitate at
first because I wasn't sure if I'll get a call back from
anywhere else BUT I also thought, I'm doing them a favour
for applying to their store and i should be able to find a
job in my area. I'm downtown for goodness sake! Anyways,
I'll try handing out more resumes this week or next. I need
a job, seriously.

Now onto boyfriend talk. We have yet to have sex and to be
honest, I don't really mind, lol. I'm really enjoying us
being really close together without having sex. But also, my
relationships always end at this point, so I just want
to enjoy what we have... why rush into it? He's definitely an amazing
guy and i'm extremely thankful to have in my life :)

Well.. that's all for now. I need to get back to homework.
bye :)