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2010-02-09 17:06:11 (UTC)

Called in Sick today

Work is kinds stressful so I took a day off sick. Actually,
it's true. I've been putting in so much free time that it
got overwhelming. Anyway, I'm home sort of alone without the
kids but with my deadbeat lazy ass stepdaughter that is 19
yrs old.

She flunked the 5th grade and is fat as a cow. Somehow she
managed to find a guy and they spend time in one of my
bedrooms doing nothing except eat, sleep, fuck and shit!
They never clean anything. Can't wait for her and her man to
go out and find their freedom so they will know how it is to
pay rent.
Then they can discover that toilet paper, soap, water,
electricity, gas, shampoo, laundry soap, etc are not
bottomless and someone actually does have to purchase these
things. What a loser. Never had a job except for 2 weeks at
Jack in the Box.

She even poses with her neck out to hide her double chin.
Why do fat people always take pics of themselves from a
downward pointing view? She can hide how she looks but when
people see her in person, she can't hide how fat she is. I
unfortunately am faced with having to see her almost
everyday. Yuck!!! As if I'm not screwed over enough by this

Anyway, I'm glad she just came out to graze today.. I mean
to get my food from my fridge and went back into her room.
Good. The less I see her the better.

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