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2010-02-09 23:30:21 (UTC)

Hell of a life.

This is my 1st journal iam writing after long.I mean so long.I
cant remember the last time doing this but probably during my
high school years.And it was on a normal diary.Those were my
teenage years where i used to write about the girls i kissed,i
dated,i wanted to date and stuff like that.Not forgetting the
football.Thats how i used to love it.I still have it in me
though i have erased the dream of me playing it
professionally.My first personal diary went public after i did
leave it at home before me leaving for Poland.My younger bro
read every single word i scribbled in there and shared some
stuff to dad.How beautiful is that.He was glad his son had a
diary.A journal.Though i did write some negative issues about
him.He wasn't mad after all.yea ..That's how life is.
I'll leave it here for now.I have alot of things to write
down.The main thing being Hamdi.My bad mood is perfect to talk
about her now but i'll do it asap.I will wait till i get the
same mood.It will motivate me to write everythin from the
heart.Pain is all i feel for her,and me.for us basically.Life
is fair unless u be unfair to yourself and someone you really

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