My Road to Happiness
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2010-02-09 20:12:07 (UTC)

Febraury 9 - My first dairy entry

Setting: Winter-Canada

Today i realized how unhappy i am with myself. for that
reason, I am going to start off my first entry to write some
goals that i want to accomplish emotionally, spiritually,
physically and mentally

Mental- pretty much do good in school... become more streets
smart- and play at least 3 mind games in a week?

Physical- cut down on sweets (especially cheese cake- max 1/
week)- eat healthier(also cut down on Jamaican patties) and
work out 3 times a week minimum)- no weed/pot or whatnot

Spiritual- well start praying once a day. go out and enjoy
my life when i finish my work( Reward my self) and finally
start appreciating what i got

Emotional- get laid- get a girl friend and get closer to
loyal friends

Funny story that happened recently: well funny at the moment
at least.

A group of students were presenting about prostitution in my
Deviance in Society Class. The presentation went good and
they sumed it up by asking the class a couple of questions.
One of the question was: why is female prostitution more
predominant than male prostitution?
so one guy at the back raises his hand and said somthing
like...well the hole for the female is always going to be
there where as the man' package can only preform a certain
number of time in day.....ok not really sure if it was that
funny but yeah

ill be writing more about how the goals ended up like if
anyone cares so yeahh .....hopefully daily if anyone cares
or read this :D