Life of Moon Amber.
2010-02-09 15:47:58 (UTC)

Boredom kills all

4th period study hall.
I'm fucking thirsty.
Robert's out sick today.

Oh, completely off topic here but...
There's this senior named James who asked me to freshmen
dance at the beginning of the year.
I had originally said yes because he appeared to be
kindhearted and we had similar tastes in music.
Then out of the blue he wanted nothing to do with me.
About 20 minutes ago he sat at the computer in front of my
own and gave me candy.
Why? I have no idea. Especially because he knows I'm
allergic to chocolate.
He's still there, although he won't look up from his iPod.
I have to endure this confusion for another 10 minutes then
I'm free to English.
I don't think I'm planning to touch the candy...What if he
poisoned it or some shit?
Temptation. Ahhh he caught me looking at him.
He's one of those guys who feels the need to date 8 girls at
His voice is creepy.
My name is Moon Amber and I am known as the pretty bitch.
It's true, I'm terrible.
I'm a born people hater.
I don't have lunch for another half hour. I better not die
of thirst.
I get to go see some good friends though.
I'm a loner.
I need to go make James feel uncomfortable.