The Diary of R
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2010-02-09 15:17:30 (UTC)

Chapter 8 - Dorota's Ceremony

And so it is decided. I see proper submission, sacrifice and
dedication in this Kadjira, she truly wishes to belong to me
and accept all that this will mean. She knows that I
disallowed any fondness, any affection, any sentiment to
grow between us other than as master and kadjira, I have
subjected her to six weeks of transformation, from woman in
society, to kadira and concubine to be. She has been removed
from romance, courting, any hint of affection or kindness
for her as a lady, following her initiation, she has been
taught to prepare herself for each midnight, to be ready,
wet and open when called by her master, to petition her
master, to study as her master wishes. She has learned that
when she hears her name "kadjira", she is to stop
immediately, answer "yes master", standing with her knees
apart, her hands behind her and her breasts and neck raised
and exposed, so as to be collared or instructed.

I know she is reading this, that she knows her fate, that
she will be taken to dinner, halfway through, she will hear
her name, she will sit to attention, be instructed to go to
the bathroom and remove her underwear. On her return, she
will sit with her master, who will offer her the chance to
leave or to come with him and be taken to his room, collared
and prepared for her first night in his bed. She knows that
also, due to disobedience in the first hours and days of her
training, that she will be punished before she is collared.

Kadjira will be taken, punished, collared, she will then
taste master's seed, then she will be brought to his bed,
tied, spread and sodomized. Then she will be cuffed and her
head buried in his lap, until he sleeps. In the darkest
hours of the night, she'll be punished again, then as the
sun rises, she will be woken and wonder, will he humiliate
me again or will he make love to me...