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2010-02-09 10:02:42 (UTC)

Day 7

Monday morning - ITS FREEEEZING!!!

Seriously, we can't be getting more snow? although does
walking through snow add to the amount of calories burnt?
who knows...may need to ask google about that.

Another good start to the day, i am now parking a road
further away that before from the station....i am keen to
get my steps up! forgot porriage again will have
some on site. bottle of water packed and off i go!

Today i will not call people that are in my
building/cabin...i will walk to their floor and visit. I

Lunch was vegetables and rice (although i don't think its
healthy...its got to be healthier than the cottage pie that
was on offer)

Dinner will be chicken and parma ham with mash/veg. (yes
more veg...bad planning on my part)

Another power plate session tonight...i won't be able to
move on Wednesday but no pain no gain!

Work is manic and haven't thought about food until home
time. i don't want to jinx it, but i think i could be
getting the hang of this!

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