Caught In My Thoughts
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2010-02-09 06:23:05 (UTC)

I dont understand him

So we go days where we talk non stop.. we both wake up and
contact each other and go to bed saying good night. Then
all of a sudden you dont want to really hear from me.. you
barely speak to me.. I dont get it. Was I there just to
listen to you vent about her... about your life. Is
everything you have been saying to me bullshit. I am so
sick of the mind games.. the non sense. Why cant I meet
someone worth my time and effort. I am sick of being the
sister type, the one people lean on for support grrrr! It
is really hard for me to stop thinkn about you for some
reason. I dont know what it is about you but you intrigue
me. I wish you would just give me a chance. I just dont
know. I sit here and think everyday about my ex and how he
is married now.. wtf was he thinking wasting 6 years of my
life. How come he got the better end of the deal after
dumping my ass.. what a piece of shit. I hope he just moves
away so I dont have to worry about seeing him ever again. I
dont think I can take anymore of this bull crap.

Till next time..


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