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2010-02-08 18:37:40 (UTC)

Driving Me Crazy

Okayy,, sooo.. let me know if this is fuked up:
Me and my boyfriend are talking on the phone (pretty late 12am?) and i would
ask him if he wants to sleep or if hes tiered and he would say hes tierd but he
doesnt want to sleep.. soo i would say okay thats fine . i could care less if he
would have said "hey ima let you go because its late and i want to sleep or im
tired" but instead he FALLS ASLEEP while talking to me.. i think its pretty fuked

so , its not the FIRST time this has happened.. so tell me what i should do..
break up with him for that? wait for the third strike ? or act like nothing ever
happened and its normal ?

Let me Know ;)

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