The Adventures of Tatiana Scarlet
2010-02-08 17:24:09 (UTC)

If there is one thing that I don't understand

If there is one thing I really don't understand is
boys. They think they like you even though you don't. You
start with a little prank, no big deal right? Well where I
live, I did a prank. I said that I like a boy named Junior,
when I don't. I did a really good good, too good. But now,
almost every one of my friends think that I like him, when
I don't. This whole thing is just STUPID! I shouldn't even
even tried to trick them. It's just that got bored one day,
a boy I didn't know came by, I found out his name, then it
came to my mind. So I did, now I'm regreting this. I'm so
happy I had to babysit my little brother so I don't have to
suffer from embarrasment with Junior. I DON'T LIKE HIM!
NEVER WILL I EVER LIKE HIM! I wish my friends will just
understand I don't like him. I am so MAD! I will have to
talke to them. But not now, when they come back from school
and my mom comes back from work. Wish me luck, I'm gonna
need it...

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