The Girl In The Corner
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2010-02-08 16:21:03 (UTC)

weekend drama

my weekend was full of lots of drama. you see, one of my
moms best friends angie is also like my second mom. her
husbands name is ken, and they have three kids, starr whos
six, seth who is 5 and skyla who is 1.

i babysit the kids a lot and i was on saturday from about
1 pm to like 3 am. angie went to the bar with her brother
and ken was at work, then when ken got off of work he went
to a different bar and left with another girl. so when
angie found out she was mad of course and found him then
slapped him a couple of times ( and this wasn't the first
time he left the bar with this girl).

so angie comes home around 3 am and ken is still not home
so i started talking to angie she starts crying and doesnt
know what to do cause she has to work at 8 am the next
morning. sooo i stay over night just incase ken doesn't
come home. which he doesnt intell noon the next day.

if was very dramatic and i cryed a lot and i still am
pretty sad about it because they are like my second family
and now thye want to get a divorce.

feel free to tell me what you think of my hectic weekend
cause i will be on the internet all day. NO SCHOOL!!!!!!! i
love snow days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!