Gem G

Do these things actually work?
2010-02-08 15:52:42 (UTC)

Day 5 & 6

Weekend action

So from lunch time to when i finally got home on Friday i
had done 6575 steps. Aim is to improve on that on Monday.

Woke up full of energy on saturday...had a productive day,
had a major house clean (i have been told this burns
calories) once house is tidy i then venture to the
powerplate. Its quick fix and am curious to see if its
working although am still not comfortable to measure myself

STUPID STUPID STUPID - i forget to put on my pedometer...i
have been running around like a crazy woman all day and
don't have any amazing number to show for it....DAMM!

Saturday night - very tempted to have a glass of
wine....its in the fridge, nice and cool....calling me! pls
drink me, pls drink me!

To avoid the calling, i get started on dinner (although not
my turn...i want to keep busy)
Vege sausages tonight with stir fry veg.

Sunday - promised sister i would walk the market with
her....but woke up late (whoops) i must replace the promise
with something similar walking action? (couldn't think of
anything so went back to bed)

Today is my day to cook, (he wouldn't swap with me) so we
agree to do it together...i prepare and he switches on!

Decided to have another house cleaning/clearing day! pile
lots of "unwanted" things by the front door...namely 2 bags
for the charity shop, plastic from the new matress, dead
toaster, unwanted skipping rope - (yes this was another fad
that i didn't keep up with) stuff to be dry cleaned.

Tidy day complete - bath and bed. MUST REMEMBER TO PUT ON