Gem G

Do these things actually work?
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2010-02-08 15:32:54 (UTC)

Day 3

Another day, another travel time extends and i
get to sit in car for nearly 2 hours!

Last night's dinner was steamed veg and chicken (very yum!)

Breakfast - porriage with banana
Armed with water and music i drive to Aylesbury.

Long meeting - broken up by health lunch.
tomato chilli pasta and salad.

Then 2 hour journey home...feel tired!
Don't feel motivated to do anything when i get in. i sit on
the computer and finish off the final actions from the days
meeting and work out what i am going to do tomorrow to
continue to "break my lazy habits"

My turn to cook dinner.....oh how i wish i could call for a
pizza......Jacket potato with healty option coleslaw
(suprisingly nice with no butter)

Slight aches from the powerplate (can't seriously believe
that a 20 minute session could work but hey!)

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