Gem G

Do these things actually work?
2010-02-08 15:21:16 (UTC)

Day 2

Another day of PMA (positive mental attitude)
A walk to the station, bottle of water in hand....feeling

Arrive at station - trains are delayed (am now thinking
about food.....become hungry)

I have porriage in my bag, but must wait to arrive on site.

I purchase another bottle of water in hope to fight off the
starvation (yes i am now starving)
Finally arrive at work and the porriage tastes GREAT! the
thought of food finally leaves me and i busy myself with
work, so much so that i forget its lunch time and the next
thing i know its 3.00 (whoops)

Poor husband calls and asks "what would you like for lunch
dear" i demand "something" healthy - who know's what i
could end up with?!?!?!?

Have decided to attend the powerplate session that i never
made it to yesterday! wish me luck

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