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2010-02-08 14:04:40 (UTC)


so this weekend was amazing. friday night i went to my best
friend who i think i loves house well just call him
cowboy :)
got there at 11 stayed till 2 it would have been perfect if
little one hadn't taged along. but he did attemped to teach
me to drive his stick shift truck which i crashed! i felt
so bad :( put he wasn't mad at all he was just laughing and
was like P.C. its ok don't worry about it :) i was soo
happy he wasn't mad it really was a great night. the rest
of the night we just sat in his truck singing old country
songs and little one was laughing at us. that makes two
weekends in a row i've beeen to his house & like four
weekends in a row that i've seen him. i so love my best

then saturday i slept till 3:30 :) recovering from the
night before. went out at like 8 with some friends that
always seem to make life better. i almost broke my knee
trying on stripper shoes in a porn-o store haha. && i ate
the best piece of 7 dollar cheesecake EVER! this whole
weekend was just amazinnggg. next weekend = papa smurfs
birthday 250 jello shots, keg, old hippies, so much fun
right now life is going perfect. i'm so happy today with is
strange cause most of the time i allow my brain to think
about everything to much and become sad but today i'm happy.

-smiley sue3

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