Diary of a actress to be
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2010-02-08 03:43:58 (UTC)


Dear, Diary
After many years of thinking and saying what i want
to be i have finally decided, ever since 3-5th people say
i'm a beautiful girl and i have a nice singing voice,
people comment that i should be a singer all the time at
church so i belived i had to be a singer.
But, no longer will i do that i will become a Actress
starting small at first like being in plays and hopefully
get discovered! I am doing this because i have been giving
faith to what i want to be by Daeg Faerch the way he acts
has made me finally tell my parents the simple word "No."
I'm going to be actress and let my dreams soar above the
clouds no longer will i be scared to tell my parents no.