Diary of an Emo
2010-02-07 13:19:28 (UTC)

For emo's that want someone who knows how they feel

Dear emo, this is a blog for you.
I know exactly how you feel.
That when you say that you hate life and want to die, they say it cant be that
But they have no idea whats going on in you.
People on your school being emo racists.
People in your neighbourhood being emo racist.
Kids at school looking at you like you are a monster.
I know how you feel.

Emo, its short for emotion.
You have a lot of emotion.
Thats why you're emo.
You feel depressed, angry, you want to scream.

But you don't.

Instead of that you keep it inside.
Everything people are saying to you, the way they look at you, the way they
treat you.
You keep it inside.

Till one day, your inside will burst out to your outside.
You have too much hate and pain inside.
You want to release yourself of it.

Its your choice how.

To release yourself with a gun, like you see in almost all the emo pictures.
With your friends, helping you through the pain.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend, standing behind you, helping you with everything
you do.

Its your choice.

Again, I know how you feel.
I'm emo myself too.
Everything I have listed in this little poem for you, it happens to me.
I hope you find your way out.

Because I didnt find mine yet.

By someone who knows how you feel.

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