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2010-02-07 09:04:25 (UTC)


Okay, so tell me why I go to a Quinceñiera and I get my 200$
camera stolen! Wdff Mann! Its so freaken DEPRESSING!
So i'm here with my buddy memo while texting Abyran (The
Boyfriend) yuhp yuhp singing , and writing, drinking, on
this diary thing & doing anything possible at this point to
get my mind off -my camera-
mann.. so so sad.

okay, well I'm hoping my older brother has my jacket & camera.

well let ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE PARTY! Dengg nigga it was soo
sickkk! hahaha!
0K, TELL ME WHY; i always has at least 4 guys around me ALL
dancing. They weren't even bad looking.

But anyways .. i didn't feel comfortable dancing with any
of them except the one who looked like someone i use to know
from like 2nd and 3rd grade and Chucky. hes like this chubby
short guy who happens to know how to dance. hahah . justt
because im taken by Abryan.

and there was a techno battle , LMA0 it was sooo sick! they
went OFF!

i don't know, i just don't happened to like sexual attention
from guys and i seem to get that pretty often. i like it
when i know a guy likes me but he respects me by keeping his
distance unless i* make the move or something, because i do*
do that sometimes. like the first kiss with Abryan.
(WOAH)-super cute kiss BTW. Tell you about that later!

"I been roamin' around , i was looking down and all i
see"(Use Somebody - Kinds of Leon)
Awesome song BTW. listen to the paramore cover of that. I'm
a pretty big paramore fan BTW..

:) so before the party even started i called Abryan to let
him know i'm in Norte Park, because he said he lives around
there or something, and i told him i would call him when the
party gets good .. but i didn't.. cause i was having too
much fun.. ahha.
But i MEAN i thought of him every once in a while :) -i
knowwww cute right?!-

i called him right when the party was about to end which is
RIGHT WHEN someone was getting my jacket & camera!
dammn it.. Sigh* REALLY BIG SIGH* so now i'm camera-less!
Listening to "three little birds - Bob Marley " haha.
idk why... don't ask...

WTH. Abryan's taking a while to reply...
Grr.. i wanna tlk to himm... don't you hate when your at
home, schoo, community , ect. & you start to think of that
one* person you some-what love? -i don't BELIEVE IN "LOVE" BTW-

I've been getting shoulder pains, its getting annoying now.
should i be worried?! haha, nahhh . its all like i'm dying
right now and i don't even know it!! lmao!
-my humor is vile and cruel at times-

okay im done for right now :)