Uncontrolable Effects Of Life As A Teena
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2010-02-07 06:57:50 (UTC)

In The Begining.

When I was about three or four my mother and father
seperated. That sadest part of this is that it is so commen
to hear that phrase or one simaler to it. So many people
and say that they're parents are now divoriced.
Now I have my wicked step father(yet another commen story),
let's call him Jack Ass.
In the begining I had my happy little family. My Mother
PrettyNag, my father Niceguy, and of chourse my brother,
Immadick. It was all great untill PrettyNag steped in and
well... nagged. She hounded Niceguy for every little thing
she could, so PrettyNag and Niceguy seperated.
Leaving me, Emma, and Immadick, fatherless.
Since Niceguy is a trucker he lives on the road, or in a
city where they is lots of business in his area.
unforcenetly PrettyNag and all of her family, origanly live
in this little town called CrapCone. Thus since PrettyNag
got full cusdity of my brother and I, here we are in
CrapCone currently has 3000 inhabitants. That very small
population decresses everyday. CrapCone is dieing, it's
main indutries shut down forcing most inhabitants to flea
to a place with work.
Before in the begining CrapCone was doing exallent! It has
lots of natural resources like Forestry, Mining, Fishing,
ect. Yet somehow that didn't work out.
This is my first entry, there will most likely be more,
if you care good. If you don't, then I really don't give a
rats-ass. This is just the avarage life of a small town
Farewell for now