The Diary of R
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2010-02-06 21:56:26 (UTC)

Chapter 6 Kadira becomes Concubine

The number of days Kadjira has served me now is double
figures, I will collar her.

She will be brought to me, I will strip her, cuff her, take
her mouth, punish her, whip her, make her kneel, take her
mouth, collar her.

She'll be taken to master's bed for the first time. I'll
spread her, facedown, tie each limb to each bedpost. She'll
be gagged, corseted, stockinged, collared, perfumed, her sex
will be swollen, wet, open, glistening.

I'll discpline her, perhaps with my belt, I'll push pillows
to raise her hips and expose her sex and anus. I'll push
myself into her anus slowly, at first enjoying her cries of
pain by penetrating very slowly, I'll begin to increase the
pace, until she is being ridden by the beast. This time she
won't take my seed in her mouth.

I'll untie her, cuff her and make her lie on her side in the
dark, waiting for me, as I bathe my sex and refresh and
replenish myself. I will drink pineapple juice to sweeten my
seed. I'll return to the bed, put her head in my lap,
explain that it's her first night, she must expect to be
humiliated, cuffed, etc. She knows that sometimes when I
come to the bed it is to use her gently as a pleasure slave
and that other times it is to discpline her.

I'll return to the bed and bury her head in my lap until she
draws my seed into her mouth, I'll be harsh, insist that she
cleans my sex with her lips and tongue.

I'll wake her in the night and discpline her, use her bottom

In the morning she'll taste my seed again.

Then after breakfast, perhaps I'll make love to her.

Then I'll take her to the office, no doubt there will be a
discplinary, she'll face punishment.

But beyond her initiation and training, what comes next. I
know I will not spare her. I will not inflict the grotesque,
nor the dangerous, nor harmful upon her, but she will learn,
train, become expert kadjira, something to be viewed upon in
awe at a party perhaps.

She's scared to be pierced, perhaps I should do it sooner
rather than later, but she knows, she'll be pierced, her
nipples, perhaps her belly, I won't pierce her hood or
clitoris, I'll have four gold or silver rings in each labia,
small rings, so she can be sown up if I so wish.

And when she is ready, my initials will be tattooed at the
base of her spine. Her initials Dorota Snook, DS RS.
She'll wear new rings, my intial perhaps. I will probably
pierce her tongue, but use it occasionally. She will learn
to put the tongue pierce into my urethra and move her
tongue, she'll become a creature, a whore, a highly trained

This will take some time, perhaps years, she is silly to
worry. Perhaps I should slap her.

But first she must be taken and collared, I tire of keeping
her waiting in that dungeon known as Reading. I know that in
less than one month she will lie in her master's bed...

Teaching her discpline, obedience.

Using her at midnight.

Her master is 16 years older, he takes longer to come, she
has her work cut out, she'll learn fast, it won't take many
strokes of the whip to make her vigorously fuck my sex with
her mouth. She'll learn to hide nothing from me, to continue
to never fault from total obedience.

Dorota is no more, there is only Surrayah, Kadjira.

I never am kind, enquire of her, her daughter, I never show
one drop of interest, care. I am merciless on the phone,
demanding complete sacrifice to my pleasure, service.
She knows that right now she is in that dungeon, to expect
nothing, to hope nothing, to wait, simply to obey the
instruction to wait. Kadjira waits, she is obedient, loyal,
faithful, discplined these days.

I begin to sexualize kadjira. She must masturbate, she must
not wear underwear in her own bedroom, at midnight she
serves, pleasures me as I touch my sex.

I will prepare her, she will be a bitch on heat by the time
she kneels to be collared.

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