The Diary of R
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2010-02-06 12:31:24 (UTC)

Chapter 3 - Miwa's training

Miwa was made to stand in the middle of the room. There she
was stripped naked and her wrists were tied together. Her
wrists were hung above her, so she was hanging from her
tiptoes. I caressed her body as I instructed her. Then I
kissed her for the last time until 3 months later. My
fingers penetrated her sex. I then fitted nipple rings,
shaved her sex and then untied her, led her to the bed. Her
first test of obedience came, she was made to kneel on all
fours and wait for my return. She obeyed perfectly, ten
minutes later she was still kneeling on all fours, naked and
stockinged. I approached her, she saw the riding crop that
my lover had given me, she began to beg, but hands steadied
her hips, I quietly but firmly ordered Miwa to face fowards
again. She obeyed. The crop began to fall on her arse. Soon
the crop was between her teeth and I was kneeling behind
her, pushing my sex slowly inside her. Miwa was the most
submissive woman I had ever experienced, enjoyed. Only
nineteen and only a virgin 24 hours before, she was being
trained as my whore, trained by discpline and being taken
repeatedly each night.

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