The Diary of R
2010-02-06 12:20:39 (UTC)

Chapter 2

Adele and I got back together, but she was shy, kink was out
of the question, even sex from behind or oral sex too. I
loved her, she was growing up now, 18 years old, but I was
frustrated. I continued to see Sameena and I began an affair
with others, Salma, Natasha, Yasmina. I deflowered a lot of
virgins during this point.

Then for the first time in my life came a period of calm, no
sex, not even one relationship. I was working as an art
director, having been invited to art direct a women's erotic
magazine. I was slowly becoming part of the scene, working
for a famous erotic publisher. Madame T. Madame T saw that I
was single and asked what kind of girl it was that I sought.
I confessed that I sought a kinky girl, pierced and talented.
Within a few days, it had been arranged, that I would meet
an acquaintance of hers called Melissa.

Melissa was a Baroness, nineteen years old, very artistic
and sophisticated. Her head was shaved like a prisoner and
there was a quiet unspoken temptress inside her. We courted
for ten days, then she was taken to the country to a
friend's house, there I laid her on the bed and made love to
her. While we lay together afterwards, she described her sex
life to date. She was taken and offered to her brother's
friend at thirteen, sodomized, used as a play thing. At
sixteen she was introduced to a famous artist and dominant
named Alex Binney. She was trained as a sub and served him
until she was 18. Brutal face-slapping humiliating sex,
there was no admiration of the female in him. At nineteen
she met me. Having listened I began to open her anus and
soon I was inside her again, tears of pain rolled down her
cheeks and onto her lips as I sodomized her for the first time.

Over the next few weeks she became my sub, whipped,
collared, stockinged, she enjoyed changing her piercings
every day, sometimes nipples, sometimes labia, sometimes her
hood, sometimes her belly. She began to invite her friend
Claire to the house and eventually she brought Claire to my
bed, both girls knelt and were punished, before I began to
enjoy them both and also have them pleasure each other.
Finally Claire began to pleasure me alone, without Melissa's

This behaviour extended to my ex's, Salma was brought to our
bed also. Madame T then began to introduce me to mistresses,
I met a beautiful Chinese film editor called Sara, who
pleasured me and pleasured Melissa also. Melissa and I
explored the world of bdsm for three years until one day,
when she was soon to leave for University in Oxford, Melissa
came to me. She presented a riding crop, it was a very fine
one, silver and leather handled. She wished me to take a
Japanese virgin and train them. Melissa gave me the crop and
consented to me taking a mistress on one condition, that I
never used the crop on Melissa, to which I agreed. She also
stipulated that I must sodomize the virgin and that I should
only use Melissa's vagina. As often in my life, what was
wished for, transpired within days and a week later I met a
beautiful Japanese Virgin called Miwa.

Miwa was taken to my house, given a little Marijuana and
then taken to the bedroom. There I told her to undress, to
which she began to beg, but with my eyes and my voice I made
her undress. She stood before me naked, I laid her on the
bed, kissed her and then more passionately until I was
inside her, for the rest of the night I deflowered her in
each hole.

In the morning Miwa was presented to my lover, who approved
of her, they took tea and talked for a while. Presently
Melissa left and Miwa was taken back to the bedroom to begin
her training...

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