The Diary of R
2010-02-06 12:01:39 (UTC)

Chapter 1

Naturally, after making love with a prostitute, I thought
all prostitutes were like this, I began searching for that
same experience again, passionate and intimate sex with a
I soon discovered that prostitutes could be rude, ugly,
unexcited, gross, unattractive. I began to visit prostitutes
for kink, a few serviced me more than once. Jesse, an Indian
girl was very submissive and made me feel like a king, she
used to enter the room, like a gazelle trying to bypass a
lion, she would kneel and worship my sex beautifully, I
remember JoJo also, who worked out of a house with dungeon
equipment. I remember the first time I took a woman bent
over a horse. I remember the delectable and skilled and
hardworking prostitutes, that enjoyed their task. It became
addictive to use prostitutes, because each one would gasp at
the sight of my penis and exclaim that it was massive, it
took me a while to realize it wasn't part of the service,
that my cock was massive. I became skilled at dominating
them, more confident in my approach and in my demands. I
enjoyed feminine and dark-haired women, asians, orientals,
blacks, whites.

Around this time I took my first sub. Joanna Stone was
introduced to me, she was a slender young fashion student, a
little gothic in her dress and her tastes. She was the first
girl that I sodomized and handcuffed. I rode her almost
violently, fucking her very fast and hard. It was the
turning point in my life, I knew that I was becoming a master.

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