Life and Love
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2010-02-05 23:27:04 (UTC)

Another ordinary day.

Another ordinary day for me..
Home, no food, no sleep, tears and alone. - I guess i can
only blame myself for not trying anymore. I gave up when i
got punished for loving someone. Giving them my all and
Sometimes i think im going insane, other days i feel fine,
i've shut everyone out of my life because of this.
Constantly thinking about the past and whats going to
happen in the future, i can only wish but i can never be
After being destroyed by my first love, i had someone who
loved me for me, not for my looks nor my weight. But
because i kept thinking about the past i never trusted
him. I lost someone that could of made me truly happy.
When im home alone, i put the music volume on Max and
stare into thin air, eyes all blury from tears, and
constant thinking about what i lost and what i done to the
people who were only trying to help but i used them
somehow, i treated them like crap.
They say Karma comes back around well i had mine and i
sure am having it again for treating them people the way i
did. But now i only sit here feeling guilty and depressed.
When i think about what i want to happen in the future i
keep imagining it with my ex partner.
'Like thats ever going to happen'. Hes moved on and
And sure as hell is not coming back to me.