The Angry Coward
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2010-02-05 12:35:48 (UTC)

Rise and Shine

I sit here drowning in tears and anger. Arianna is still in bed although she should be at the bus stop right now but, like so many mornings recently I just don't have the energy to fight with her. I used it all either fighting with him, fearing him, or crying because of him. You ask yourself why doesn't she just leave. I have a couple of times and like a blackhole he always manages to suck me back in. Only this time it feels like death is the only escape. To Joe I am his possession to do with as he pleases. To me (Jamie) I am just merely trapped. The oppuritunity to be with somebody else has arisen many times but he'll never let me be happy. People don't always last thru his harrassment and bullying and why should they? Its not their problem. Every once in awhile I get what I think is the strength to get myself together and get away. maybe even rekindle just a small flame of my former self. But, it doesn't last. So why fight so hard to make it last. Instead I just dream like a princess locked away in a tower

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