Experienced Life
2010-02-04 21:26:46 (UTC)

Deadbeat Stepson Thief

My wife asked if I can let me Stepson live with us for a few
weeks while he finds a different apt. Yeah right. He stole
from me several times. Stole my tools and I hate his f*&*ing
guts! I'm no fool! Those few weeks will end up being months!
What the hell do they think I am? BTW, he is 23 years old.
What a loser. Went to jail at 17 for stealing 18K from a
Bank he worked at. As if they wouldn't find out about it.
Dumb ass.

Once he stole 1500 and another time about 1200 bucks. He of
course denies stealing my money but he forgot to throw away
the envelope that I kept my money in. Found it in my wife's
car that he was borrowing that day.

My wife's daughter (my step daughter) lives with us already.
She is a fat cow and the only way she found some guy to be
with her is because he himself is an ugly loser.

This step daughter is so lazy, when her waste bin in her
bathroom is full, she doesn't empty it, she just finds
another bucket to put on the already full waste bin. Now
that must be a top ten loser in my book!

Now he says the apt he is at is too dangerous and that his
girlfriend got robbed at gunpoint over there. I say fuck her
too! All she did when they were living here was use up my
shit and fuck each other. Ate my food, never emptied the
damn trash, never bought groceries, never vaccuumed, never
cleaned the bathroom. Nothing!! Nada!!!

Anyway, my wife (the sperm bank) is pissed and I don't give
a shit! We are legally separated anyway and this house is
going into foreclosure soon.

Don't know why I'm still here. I guess the convenience of a
nearby sperm bank is it. My life sure sucks but I'm ok with
it. I have great friends that would give their shirt off
their backs.

I happen to have a wife that will lay on her back for her
friends! haha. I'm sure she has an RSVP in hell probably in
the front row. I guess I'm not far behind but at least in
the nosebleed section.

I'm mostly here for the two younger kids. a 7 and 4 yr old.
Oh yeah, wife had an affair with this guy and the kids
aren't biologically mine. That is ok though. Karma got that
sperm donor and he died a painful death from liver disease.

Loving wife had two kids from a previous marriage. They are
the loser 23 and 19 yr old kids. Wife's ex is living with
his Mom. Can you believe that? He is in his 50s. I am in the
twilight zone!! WTF?!

Good thing I have a good job. At least I have choices. Also,
now that we are getting a divorce, I can fight to not have
to pay child support since they aren't mine.

Still, I love the two little kids. They are innocent and I
thought I'd man up and try to help them grow up. Obviously,
I'm the only role model that can at least lead by example.
You know, don't fuck around, get an education. Otherwise,
they have Mom and their loser 1/2 brothers and sisters to
look up to. It's late and the kids are going to sleep. Time
for my glass of wine and kick back.