The Girl In The Corner
2010-02-05 00:35:38 (UTC)

my friends

i wanted to just write a little something about my friends
just because they mean a lot to me.

first of all, my best friend in the world, is kay-kay the
girl is practicually my sister. i know she is one friend i
can always count on. and that means a lot. the only
problem with kayleigh is her mom thinks i am a bad
influence so we are only allowed to hang out at school so
dont get to talk to her much at all. it really bothers me

mackenzie lives about 30 mins away from me but we txt
the time. i tell her a lot and she always gives me advice
when i need it. i hate how she lives sooo far away but hey
thats life

tina is THE partier of my group she smokes, drinks,
does drugs, and has sex a lot.she is always getting in
trouble and has detention almost everyday. because of this
i can talk to her about things i cant talk to other
about. she also has the same taste in music as me which
really cool.

then the boys first is Bryce he lives a couple towns over
from me and we fight a lot but all and all i love to hang
out with him. and i know i can always count on him to play
a heavy game of RISK with. he also has natural bright red

CHASE is kenzies ex and is annoying at best but you have
love him. he is a big smart ass and flirts with all girls
it is just the way he is

Bailey is chase's younger bro and is always hyper and is
never afraid to take risks. he will do any dare you throw
his way which can be a lot of fun. but also scary

well those are a few of my close friends ( what do you

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