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2010-02-05 00:25:43 (UTC)

Slight Change of plans

I picked child B up from preschool yesterday and found the
director was in her office with the light off (strange).
The head teacher came to me and said they'd had an issue
with child B today. He had bitten a kid that kept turning
the computer on and off cause he wouldnt stop it. It was
tylers turn though. My view, is a teacher should have
stopped the other child it wouldnt have been a short
process turning it back on and reloading the game, a
teacher could have prevented the biting.. BUT anyhoo, child
B saw me talking to the teacher and ran over crying that
the director had hurt him. He showed me his arm and it was
bright red. Even though the incident had happened hours

I left feeling that was the last straw. He cried coming
home saying he hated the director and that she was mean and
he didnt want to go to school anymore.

Now, a bit of background.. Child B isnt the easiest kid in
the world, he has his issues but since he is almost 4 now I
think we are over the worst. (think I mean hope)

So, going on gut feeling I went to a long day care right
next to child A's school and turns out they had a
cancellation and have a place. So today I gave notice at
the old centre and enrolled him at the new.

I dont know if its the right decision but I am really
hoping it is. He can start again without the naughty kid
stigma he earnt over the last few years.

I love my kids and I am not one of those parents who think
they're just perfect and never do anything wrong. But when
somethings being wrong to them I am their voice.

Child A got her class structure for 2010. She was last year
a year 2 student in the year 2/3 class. This year she's a
year 3 student in the 3/4 class. She is loving her new
teacher and though I am not sure who she is she sounds fun.
They have a money system and they earn monopoly money.
Small amounts buy smaller rewards. But 10.000 buys no
homework for a week (she's aiming for that lol)

Today I am on a cleaning mission, the bathroom was my first
sucess.. the kitchen is in my sights

Have a fab day


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