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2010-02-04 18:58:52 (UTC)

That same old routine continues!

Here I am and it's been two weeks perhaps more since my
last diary entry! I'm feeling neutral! That is, I'm
feeling neither happy nor sad! I guess I'm so used to the
routine now that it's becoming increasingly difficult to
change the way things are going in my life! I don't work,
I've not been working since December 2004 which is when I
was signed off work by my doctor. I try to keep my mood
constant but this can be difficult. I think I turn to the
soaps to see what is going on out there in the big wide
world! Eastenders does it for me as well as Emmerdale, I
guess the characters are like family now!

Family? What is that? I've never had one! Well, I had two
parents obviously but they passed away many years ago. I
have been living alone since the age of fifteen and I
enjoy my own independence, I would not have it any other
way now. I have a brother but I lost touch with him many
years ago. I carried out a google search and was able to
locate him recently but it seems that things are very cold
between us, there's no warmth there, there's no emotional
attachment, well it has been so long!

I'm presently taking part in an asthma trial as I've had
asthma since the age of three! I don't mind giving myself
up as a guinea pig for a short duration! This may even
benefit others, that's what I'm hoping, I only want to
play a small part! I'm going into hospital for six one
overnight stays and I guess tests will be carried out on
the effects of some new drug that's not out on the market
yet! I guess I will provide an updated diary entry once
it's all over.

I sure am missing my cycling! The weather has been so cold
and I have been waiting for the sun to smile once more but
it seems like it has taken one very long vacation! Well,
I've got to close for now as Emmerdale is about to start.
Here's to another diary entry and the release of those
thoughts that constantly plague my mind! Andrew

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