I N D I V I D U A L . T O U C H
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2010-02-04 18:01:54 (UTC)


Today i downloaded the new ICQ. Uff it's amazing how many
feeds ya have and everything. But uff not that easy to check
everything at first i think. But i am quiet sure i will be
used to that soon. I hope. Looks so nice :)
And hmm today my parents allowed me to learn italian. They
knew that i love this language and everything so hmm i found
out where to learn and everything. So amazing :) I am really
really happy about this.
And uff i don't have that much to tell.. because a day is
like all the other days. I get up late at ca. 11:30AM and
yeah lunch, tv, notebook, shower, notebook, tv and so on..
so nothing special to tell.
Hmm today my grandma said it's would be better i go to
school again. Arg i hate this...