A Moppet
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2010-02-04 15:36:21 (UTC)

The Girl Next Row (Tale of How It All Started)

"my ex will be my last"

the promise i made to myself when we parted ways..
and this was the start of my life being single again..

semesters pass and yet i didn't yet found the perfect
im already tired of waiting..
as semester passed..
im already losing the hope of finding HER..

i met this particular girl in one of my subject that term..
i find her quite simple..
simple shirt with matching maong pants with chucks..

days passed..
classes started and ended..
the normal routine of a student..
but one day..
she had the courage to approach me..
and said those words..
words of endearment..
words of praises..
but for me..
it is just a simple utterance of what she felt..

the first time in my whole stay in MAPUA..
that a stranger told me those words..
i knew that day that girl had something..
something that i had been longing to find..
that qualities i like in a girl..
finally found in her..

simple yet with style..
intelligent yet humble..

those qualities..
made me like her..
not because she approached me..
not because its just for fun..
not because she's beautiful..
not because she's intelligent..
not because i just wanted to have a girlfriend..
but rather..

its simply i wanted to be with her..
i wanted to see her always..
i wanted to make her happy..
i wanted to love her..
and lastly..
i wanted to be her boyfriend..

i know its too early to court her..
thats why i just wanted to be with her..
im already contented with that..
to see her smile..
to talk with her..
to make her happy..
to help her with everything..
and to prove that im not like the other boys...
who played with her feelings..


but...... (till next diary entry)

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