A day in the life of
2010-02-04 03:36:18 (UTC)

Day 1..

Not sure of why I am starting this journal, just feel like
it will be a way to unload when I need to. Without being
judged or without fear of saying what I am thinking.
Hopefully it can keep me sane in times of need lol.

I began day 1 of lite and easy today. I am not overly fat
but I feel I could do with a trim down. Being 165cm tall
and 75.2kgs, means I am probably in the overweight
category. The meals seem quite ok, a little on the small
side but that just proves I eat too much! 20g of cheese was
provided with a tomato and a slice of bread for breakfast,
followed by an apple. I never used to eat breakfast so I
was feeling quite satisfied after it. Though my usual
hungry time is around 3pm so I am yet to reach crisis point.

I have a new plan to make some extra $$ while I am at home
with no kids. I am going to use ebay to sell items we no
longer need or want and save that money to re-invest in
things to sell. I think just about every housewife in the
world may have already had this plan and I am not sure how
its going to go, but for now an extra $20 a week will go a
long way. I do run a small business making and selling soy
candles but my confidence level is preventing me from just
getting out there and selling my product. I do have a
regular market stall and I really enjoy doing that. Its
just when it comes to thinking larger scale I freeze. Dont
thinnk my husband understands why, he's been nothing but
supportive of my business and he knows just as well as I do
it could go further.. if only...

My little man is 4 on sunday.

Speaking of which, I had better log off and get him from

Till next time

Dance like nobody's watching!