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2010-02-04 03:08:23 (UTC)

questions i wanna ask my BF James

ok well here are the questions! (there random, its just
somtin to do since im bored)

1)what is your fave kinda cake? mine is either icecream
cake or my moms homebaked chocolate cake (that she's
teaching me how to make

2)wats your fave soda??? mine is dr.pepper!

3)do ya think im pretty? i kinda do.....

4) do you like TACOS? i like the name but i dont like to
eat them (told ya ther random)

5)would ya like to come with me to ohio this summer? i tink
i should bring Jess..... if grandma finds out i brought a
guy with me.... heheheh

6)what's your fave lunch? mine is my mac-n-bacon! (its like
mac-n-cheese but instead the cheese its bacon!) YUMMERZ!

7)wats your fave candy? i dont have a fave, NO MINT!, i
LOVE regulare chocolate and the yummy candy called Sugar

8) i know you hate cleaning but would you help me with my
room? i would help you with yours, i just need allot of
help with my dam room

9)would you ever go to my dance practice and watch me
dance? PLEASE!!!!

10) wanna go to the movies with me sometime?