Forever In My Heart

My Memories of You. The Good and The Bad
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2010-02-04 01:52:19 (UTC)

The Start of 2008

Well things started out good. You were moving to Delaware
so we could be together. We werent gonna live together
because I had a roommate and I didnt want to inconvience
her. This was good. We could see each other so much more.

Then, the monster came back. You were under stress with
your grandfather. The cancer was getting worse and
spreading and he was in and out of the hospital. I tried
to be there for you and support you, but you didnt make it
easy. You were on edge. I understand you were stressed,
but you didnt have to take it out on me. We are laying in
bed one January night. It had been a good day. An argument
starts. I dont even remember over what it was now. A lot
of times it was over something so little that got blown
out of porportion. This was one of those.

Once again, for what seemed like the hundredth time, I get
accused of cheating. You insist on going through my phone
again. I try to pry my phone from you. There was nothing
to hide, but I hated that you had to be like that. I wasnt
your ex. I wasnt cheating on you behind your back like she
was. I was with you almost every minute possible. We had
the same friends. If I was, you would have known. The
monster came out of you that night. I asked you to leave.
You wouldnt. I was thrown to the floor, threw stuff at me,
cracked my phone in half. You threatened to blow up my
car. We are screaming and yelling. I yell again for you to
leave. You are heading to the door, and im following to
lock the door behind you. You spit in my face. I was
floored. How could you do that?

You left and I broke down. I couldnt believe it. My
roommate came out of her room. She woke during our
screaming match. She calmed me down and after awhile I
went to bed. I couldnt do this anymore though. You spit in
my face?? Called me every hurtful name you could think of.
That I wasnt surprised by though. I was getting used to
hearing them from you. They didnt phase me anymore. Was
this normal? Wasnt it time to be done? I hoped I would
have the strenth for it to be it this time.

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