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2010-02-03 22:50:03 (UTC)

The reason of my boyfriend

Dear Josh,
Hey Josh how are you? im alright i guess..Josh i dont see
how my own boyfriend can go with just texting me and never
calling me..Its starting to hurt our realtionship i
complain to much about stuff he doesnt do right so i wanna
keep this to myself..Im a 14 year old girl turning 15 soon
he soon is turning 16...This guy named Ty Kenny wants to
date me...and he calls me every night and makes sure im
happy..he hangs out with me...I love chris(my boyfriend)
but...i want his attenion...i cant take much more if he
gonna avoid me..I think the right thing to do will be to
go to...TY and be with him he loves me and my feelings for
him are getting stronger and he makes sure im
happy...Chris doesnt care...So :) ya thanks Josh...Ty is
my choice...he a real man and can show chris how to treat
a girl:)) well i guess i should tell you about Ty right
and chris
Chris: is 15 years old..he works ya to support me he buys
me lots of stuff..sometimes...loves me up...he has to go
to classes for his temper..i feel in love with him ya im
14 you might not think i know what love is..but
yes...chris makes me feel different.....i loved him..ive
been on and off with him....idk what to do
Ty: Ty is 16 years old..never once mentioned sex to me..he
buys me stuff kisses my cheek holds my hand...we seem like
a couple.... idk what else to do..i love ty..but i love
hris to...oh wqell:)) ty is my guy and my friend he knows
what ever i choice he respects and i thank him for
that:):) i love you thank you this is febuary...3rd,2010