It's only 3 years...
2010-02-03 21:56:37 (UTC)


Anybody out there?

Damn, I feel like an idiot doing this. I'm still not
entirely sure why I'm doing this. But I am so...

Maybe I should explain the deal with the title. Only 3
years until I finish university, 2 and a half now really.

I loathe it. I absolutely hate it. Half of the time it's
because I hate being alone, without my family and friends.
Othertimes I don't mind being alone it's just all the work
which I'm convinced I'm not clever enough to do. I feel
constantly under pressure and constantly guilty for not
working enough. I really don't work enough- you'd think as
I'm so concerned about failing I'd be working stupidly
hard but instead what I do is bury my head in the sand. I
hate myself for it, but I do it all the same.

Half of me wants to ramble on some more but the other half
of me knows I'll just upset myself if I start talking
about everything that's on my mind, and as I'm feeling
fairly stable at the moment I guess I'll save that for
another day.