My Life
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2010-02-03 20:44:57 (UTC)


Dont you love it when crap happens to you all the time. I
think it only happens to me sometimes. when i sit at home
thinking i remember all the bad mistakes i made or
horrible embarrassing moments. but sometimes i think of
the positive things in my life. not a lot has happened to
me now that i think about it. i think about the Haiti
thing and the slavery that had happened and parents
getting into fights and everything. all that stuff
happened to me and none of that had happened to me. thank
god everytime something good happens to me i always think.
i never do anything about the bad things anymore, i just
let them flow through my body and brain. i just wish
people would give me credit for things that would boost my
confidence. i thought of a lot of things and i regret alot
of things that i said to people now that its happened to
me. i think that it should be more about other people then
about me now. everytime something bad happens to me i take
the anger out through this website not through using words
to insult my peers. i now no that it will happen to other
people but if im there i will stick up for the other
people."it might just start a chain reaction" rachel
scott. Rachel was the first person to die in the Columbian
shooting. at our school many people came that was from the
rachels challenge to tell us her story and how she died.
it was tragic but for some odd reason she already knew
that she was going to die when she was young. she was
right she died when she was in high school. i feel so bad
for her and i feel inside my heart that i wanna be like
her. i wanna be nice and not put people down. at my school
alot of that happens and its really hard to avoid it. but
i will try.

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