Forever In My Heart

My Memories of You. The Good and The Bad
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2010-02-03 20:29:57 (UTC)

The Beginning

It was the Summer of 2006. I was at a friends and you were
there. You caught my eye. I remember thinking to
myself "Wow, hes cute. I wonder what his deal is." You
were visiting the beach in Delaware for the weekend. You
were an Irish Jersey Boy. I, an Irish Jersey girl, living
in Delaware. We had, what seemed like a lot in common. I
meet you a few more times that summer but each time I saw
you it wasnt for long. It was another year before I had
seen you again.

Summer 2007. You spent your weekends down in Delaware with
all of us. Our whole group, which you became a part of
quickly, spent weekend after weekend together. Living it
up in our early 20s, hanging at the beach, hours of
barbeques, and nights of playing drinking games, hanging
out, laughing. One of the best summers of my life, and a
summer I will cherish forever. It was then when we had
grown closer. Would this just be a summer fling or could
this be something more?

It was towards the end of the summer and I had been in
Jersey visiting family for the weekend. You got stuck in
Jersey working for the weekend, but we had made a plan to
hang out beings that we were only a little over an hour
away from each other. This was the first time that we were
hanging out together. Just you and me. Was this going to
be weird? I take the ride down to your apartment. We plan
on going out for a few drinks. I was gonna crash there for
the night so I wouldnt have to drive after I had been
drinking. We get to a bar. Its just us. Theres an
akwardness. Silences in the conversation. I feel like im
in high school and on my first date. My hearts beating
fast and I have butterflies in my stomach. I dont know
where this is going, but I'd like to see where it can. You
were funny, and such a great person. The kind that would
do anything within their power to help anyone. That was
the type of guy that I wanted. I was sick of dating the
losers that I always went for and my friends hated. Now,
my friends loved you. We all had so much fun together. So
this could be something great.

After awhile, the nervousness that we both feel starts to
wear off, and so do the akward silences. Maybe it was the
beer. Who knows? Haha. I know you felt the same way. You
were just as nervous as I was. I could hear it in your
voice. Before we know it, the bar is closing. Its time to
go. We get back to your apartment. Its late and we are
both exhausted. You offer me your bed and grab a blanket
to ride the good old sofa. I say that I'll sleep on the
sofa. I was at your house. You should have your bed. You
wouldnt take no for an answer. As we are saying good
night, you give me a hug. But this wasnt a regular hug.
This one was different. It was one where we didnt let each
other go. We stay like this for a minute or two, and as we
start pulling away from each other and we stare at each
other. The moment is so intense. We both lean in because
we know we both want this. And then it happens. A kiss
that was perfect. Now that is something that doesnt happen
that often. Someone opens their mouth too much, or not
enough, shoves their tongue down your throat, arent in the
same rhythm, etc. But not this one. It was as if we were
both soo in tune to each other at that moment that we
meshed so well together. We did sleep in the same bed that
night. But that was all that happened. Just sleep. The
next day, he had to get up for work in the morning. He
wakes me to tell me he's leaving. I get up to get ready to
leave, but he tells me to go back to sleep. Whenever I got
up, I could leave and just lock the door behind me. As
someone who loves their sleep, I agree. You dont have to
tell me twice. But how do we say goodbye? Is he going to
remember that we kissed last night? Was it just because we
had been drinking? I wonder whats going on through his
head? I'm not gonna see him until what would be the next
weekend if he came down. He sits down on the bed as hes
about to walk out the door. He gives me a hug and a kiss
on the forehead. Hmmm, I wonder what this is gonna lead to.

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