Forever In My Heart

My Memories of You. The Good and The Bad
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2010-02-03 20:01:49 (UTC)

January 7, 2010

I get a disturbing phone call. I hear from a friend that
your demons got the best of you and that you had hung
yourself. The shock of it all made it impossible to
understand. Was I hearing this correctly? How did they
know? Were they sure? Was the source reliable? Was this a
joke? Tons of things went through my head. I had to find
out for myself. I hop on the computer and I google your
name and there it was. An obituary. Your name. Your
location. Your age. Your parents name. Your Family
information. But how could it be you?? You were only 28.
Why?? What were you thinking? Why would you do this? I
replay the last few years of what is now a life that is
gone. A life that meant so much to so many. Especially to

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