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matthew browndorf

Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., Founder and Chief Investment
Officer of Browndorf FSG added “to be able to compliment our
portfolio management expertise from a quantitative and legal
analysis standpoint with Marquee’s deep qualitative
analytical acumen and portfolio servicing capabilities was a
strategic value proposition that serves to make both
companies substantially stronger in the management of
physical life settlement assets. Both firm’s respective
investors will undoubtedly benefit in a myriad of ways.”

Mathew Browndorf Info
Browndorf PEM manages Match Media, LLC through a risk
mitigated, principally protected proprietary finance model
that uses media investments and longevity-linked assets to
create a new investment/lending paradigm. Match Media is a
media company that co-produces and co-finances feature films
and television properties as well as acquires existing media

Mathew Browndorf Profile The Bloody Sunday Inquiry is not an
isolated example of the use of technology; other examples
include the Maxwell case and the Shipman inquiry.

The courts’ view

Mathew Browndorf News

With all that said about discovery/case management software,
litigation technology would not be complete without
preparing for the case presentation phase. Increasingly, UK
courts are becoming impressed with the substantial time
savings and efficiency that is achieved by presenting trial
exhibits in electronic format throughout the courtroom. In
July 2002, the Court Service’s In-Court Technology Judicial
Advisory Group approved ‘A Guide to the Electronic
Presentation of Evidence (EPE) at Trial’. Most notable, was
paragraph 2.4, indicating, “An initial pilot trial using the
technology demonstrated potential savings of up to 20% in
trial time.”

Mathew Browndorf Info More extensive training is offered to
attorneys and legal assistants who will operate
discovery-management software on a daily basis. This
involves full exposure to the software functions and
requires hands-on operation of the software at a work
station during training.

Mathew Browndorf Profile Let there be no surprise then that
these techno-savvy litigators will be knocking at the door
of their favourite IT office shortly. Will you be ready?
Will your firm be ready? Will your practice be ready? To
help you prepare, a thorough description of what is on the
horizon and how to cope is in order.

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