My ordinary life
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2010-02-03 13:02:15 (UTC)

My life kinda an unexplainable way

What are the most important thing for a person? It depends
I guess. For me the top five thing is love, knowledge,
career, looks, money.
Here are my current situation for each of it:

love -- I'm quite blessed, I have a loving parent and
siblings but I'm still single and definitely not attracting
any high quality guys (maybe I lack the needed pheromone to
attract the opposite sex). A lot of my friends already found
somebody whom they love and will definitely love them back.
I'm currently stuck in a country where 99.9% of the
population speak a language which I can't barely master, the
people are definitely thinner than me and have different way
of thinking. Oh, I almost forgot, I am terrible at making
friends (people just seem to forget me when they want to go
somewhere to have a good time)and my host family doesn't
even contact me.

current level: 3/10

knowledge-- I'm definitely working my ass in gaining
knowledge. Hope it will be worth it someday.

current level: 6/10

career-- definitely non-existence. 'Post-graduate student'
definitely can't be categorized as a career.

current level: 1/10

looks-- people say I'm cute, but I'm short and a bit plump.
I am definitely not the kind of girl that you will look
twice at a party.. hmmm maybe that is why I still don't have
a boyfriend (I'm pathetic, I know)

current level: 2/10

money-- almost non-existence.