the thoughts
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2010-02-03 05:33:43 (UTC)

special. [poem)

as i picture us standing somewhere special. say paris or on
the beautiful sandy shores of some beach, i wish for the
longing in my heart to stop. i yearn to look in your eyes
and to see you as sweetly and truthfully as i know how. i
want an eye-opening sight.. i wanna feel the feelin that no
one has been able to explain with words. i hear that soft
spoken voice in my head and i see those beautiful eyes in
my mind, and as we stand on that shore or in beautiful
paris i speak the unspeakable and think the unthinkable.
the sincerity in your heart shines out through your eyes
and i see that specialness that everyone says your lacking.
i wait for this to end in a dream. for the alarm to ring
and for the birds to start singing. but its all so real.
the desire in your eyes and the steady beat of your heart.
my little soldier to the death. for you i'll always want. i
seek that comfort that no other male can give me. i feel
the pressure being lifted from me. and i wonder where it's
gonna take me. i see a lot of things being set free. i'm
moving past all the insecurity. it's all because of you.
the only one that i want in life. to wipe my tears and kiss
me good night. the one who will never let go when he holds
me tight. i just wish for that special moment where we look
in each others eyes, and we say them beloved words. where
the elements of nature just sweep you away and make your
heart kind of freeze. i just wait for that day when i see
your face and see how far enough of love will be taken. i
feel for you my baby. and i'll always be there. to protect
you and to love you and to stand right here. you're my
special piece of life and i'll never let go. not even if my
mind tells me so.

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