The Girl In The Corner
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2010-02-03 03:29:28 (UTC)


why does everyone care about rumors. why do they spread
them so much.. a new rumor has spread around the school
like wildfire that i am pregnaut, i can't believe this was
even said because i openly say i am a virgin.

to make matters worse one of my friends growing up started
the rumor. now all i hear in the halls are talking in
hushed tones and giggling. it is just about killing me.

today during lunch 4 guys came up to me and asked me if it
was true and some girls came up to me and said they new it
would happen to me because i looke like a whore. i really
don't get why people don't mind their own business. i dont
think anyone understands how it feels to have a rumor like
this spread about you when your are still innocent.

it is sooooo hard to handle being in school with everyone
badtalking you and making fun of you

i don't know what to do

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