Good Time & Bad Time
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2010-02-02 23:40:26 (UTC)

Unpeacefulness 03/02/2010

This morning, my weight is 63.1kg. Hopefully, by this
Sunday, it will drop to 61.5 kg. I just cannot stand the
size of my body.

I feel unhappy today because I don't feel that I am the part
of my boyfriend's family. His sister doesn't treat me as her
future daughter-in-law. I am a bit worried now...

I think that I didn't help much in the music school that I
am working now. Feel so guilty...

After having tea with my Baobei's friends and his friend's
girlfriend, I felt that I am not as attractive as her. Sigh...

Today, I think I have failed for my weight management
program because I have taken a pack of onion ring!!!