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2010-02-02 22:10:43 (UTC)

My Memoirs Revised

I was born Patrick Fitzgerald Gabriel on August 3, 1964,
in Enid, Oklahoma. My father Richard Louis was station at
Vance Air Force Base Enid, OK. I suffered from oxygen
deprivation during childbirth; this can happen at any
stage of the pregnancy, but most occur at birth and are
cause by negligent medical care. I am the youngest of
five children. As a young child I was a little slower than
the other child my age… probability from my mishap at
birth. I was told that I was always fidgeting with my
hands or feet or squirming in my chair and had difficulty
remaining my seat. I acted as if I driven by a motor. I
talked excessively, blurted out answers before questions
have been completed, had difficulty waiting or taking
turns. Interrupted or intruded upon others. Soon after my
birth my dad was transfer to Bitburg Air Base were I grow-
up the first four years of my childhood in Germany. When
we lived in Bitberg, Germany we lived with a German
family, Barbara Guymer took special interest in me. Six
months before I was born The Beatles made their American
debut February 23, 1964. Lyndon Baines Johnson was
President of the United States of America. On August 7,
Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, giving
President Johnson broad powers in dealing with alleged
North Vietnamese attacks on U.S. forces. Johnson uses the
resolution as a declaration of war. The Beatles rule the
airwaves and record shops in 1964 with nine solid hits. On
the 17th of April, the Ford Motor Company, under Lee
Iacoca unveils the Ford Mustang; a swift new roadster
carries a base price tag of $2,368. Growing-up in Germany
I remember walking to the store with dad to get Sunday
morning newspapers, dad would pick up cigarettes Lucky
Strikers. He would buy me the candy cigarettes they had to
Lucky Strikes logo or the red target on the front of the
package boy did I feel like Mister Big. I thought I was to
cool for words. I have memories of my older brothers and
sisters talking about watch classic American television
show like Bonanza dub in German how I wish I could
remember that for myself that most have been hilarious to
see Hoss and Little Joe speaking German.

My father Richard Louis was a career Air Force guy I hardy
show him growing up. However, I do have very special
memories doing things with dad like our American River
rafting trip in California thanks Dad I will never forget
that trip. Dad was born in Buffalo, New York August 13,
1928. My Mother Barbara Ann was born March 13, 1933, in
Worcester, MA. Barbara’s maiden name was Macaulay. My
father Richard Louis was the son of Louis George I never
had the opportunity to meet him, he died September 14,
1965 I was a year old. Louis was born May 12, 1903 in
Canton Ohio; dad’s mother was Marion Fitzgerald. Marion
was born January 27, 1902 and died September 9, 1985 in
Merced, California. They were both interred at 1 Mount
Calvary Cemetery, Buffalo, NY. My mother’s father Fredrick
Macaulay was born 1895 die in 1971. Her mother Anne Law
McPhee-Macaulay was born 1898 she die 1934 my mother was
only year old. Her Father Fred pack up the family and
moved back to England he married for a second time, that’s
were mother stay through the war. Elizabeth her oldest
sister met and married and Englishmen and she stay in
England to raise your family. Mom’s sister Brenda married
an American soldier. When the war was over there was a
mast exodus for America mom’s father pack her up and sent
her to America to live with friends until her sister
Brenda could come over from England as well she was a
natural born American so she wait for the American’s to
cross first this left mom sailing alone at the age of 13.
I have fund memories of Fred visiting use in Germany and
Louisiana, but he Pass way in 1971. Fred never made it to
California to my knowledge. Dads’ mother was the only one
of my grandparents that I remember well she stay with use
in our family home in Merced, California. Marion had no
role in my family while I was growing up she was in
Buffalo, NY for most of my up bring, It was not until I
was in High School that she came to live with use and she
had had several stokes so grandma time was non-existent.
Mom and I were her main care givers.

Yes, I did have a happy childhood. I did for the most part
have two very loving parents. I spent the first four years
of my life in Bitburg, Germany. We lived in town with a
Germany family Barbara Guymer took special interest in
me. I spent a lot of my time upstairs with her family.
When we return to the States we live for a year in
Barksdale Air Base, La. Before moving onto Castle Air Base
in Atwater, Ca where Dad and Mom bought the first home in
near by Merced, Ca. I was the only one out of five
children that want to school K thou College in one
community. I lived there for twenty-two years of my life.
Spent long hot summers working and playing on Richard
Sequeira’s family dairy in Chowchilla, Ca, and Greg
Reodell another great friend, his family moved to Merced
after his father retired from the Navy down in San Diego,
Ca were Greg’s heart has always been and in fact he is now
raising his family in that San Diego area. One of my most
memorable summer memories was our first summer 1971 we as
a family made our first of many trips to Yosemite National
Park WOW! Thank- you John Muir. One really sad memory I
was 16 when Greg’s sister pass way after long fight with
Leukemia. Mary Reodell was the first person I know and was
friends with that had die. Other than my grandparents I
never had to deal with death so close to me I simplly did
not know how I was going to deal with it. I do not
remember if Mary was 15 I do know that I was upset for
awhile with God until I realized that Mary was in a much
better place than I was at that time.

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