Beautiful Circumstance
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2010-02-02 02:47:01 (UTC)

"Pros and Cons of Love"

Dear Diary,

Its been two long stressful weeks since me and Dimitri's
fall out and it is tearing me to shreds. I love him so
much and the thought of him walking out of my life forever
is so hard. He was one of the best boyfriends I have ever
had and will probably ever have! I do not like the fact
that he left me to fend for myself. It feels like he
smashed my heart into a million bitty pieces and spread
them around. Then, left me to pick them up. First, I have
to find them. Why is he so mean? Why would he leave me by

I was called clingy today. It crushed me. Multiple people
say I am. Cassidy put it in the meanest way she could
possibly think of to let me know. It definitely hurt me.
Maybe thats what I need to get a snap back to reality. To
encourage me to step back from the world and embrace
myself. To ask myself, "Tiana, what do YOU want?"
& "Tiana, how can you accomplish this?"

Is the man I am supposed to be with out there? Where is
he? What is he doing? Is he wondering where I am? Will I
soon meet him? So many questions unanswered.


Plese allow me to find my way. Please help me to figure
out what it is that I need to do. I need help, Lord. I
need guidance. I am so lost right now in the midst of the

Song of the night:

"Sometimes love can come and past you by..while your busy
making plans. Suddenly hits you and then you realize, its
out of your hands." - Ave Maria