My Thoughts
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2010-02-01 04:22:44 (UTC)

A moment

I'm having that kind of moment when you don't feel like
talking to anyone. Not even to yourself. I'm not unhappy
and I don't feel sad. I feel focused. Maybe I can not
multitask. I have so much on my mind right now that I can
hardly hear anything else that is going on around me. My
ears even feel clogged. I think I'm content for the moment
with knowing that I'm about to be distant for awhile.
Right now, I'm the only person I can rely on, and I will
not let myself down. I guess I'm interested in seeing who
will still be around when it's all said and done. It is
not my intent to leave anyone behind, but forward movement
does that sometimes. I think I have been given plenty of
opportunities to do things right, and I have been
continuously letting myself down. It's amazing how many
times I can think of that I let myself down because I did
not want to let someone else down. I guess I'm still
trying to find that balance between being selfish and