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2010-01-30 05:49:37 (UTC)

My Writing in a 100 Days or Less

By Patrick Gabriel

I have told myself over and over again that I want to
write. I have told my family and friends that I have
always wanted to be I writer. I have been shot down a
number of them. However, I now live for myself in the
present moment and here I going starting out on my writing
career. I have found this great website “How to write a
novel in 100 days or less. I am going to turn the novel
into just plane writing. So if there is a writer in me
let the writing begin today January 29, 2010.
Writing is not going to be an easy task. Nevertheless, on
this my first day of writing, I am going to make a promise
to myself that I am going to do it. This is critical
without this commitment. I might as well, save myself the
time and aggravation. Otherwise it is not going to happen.
Remember, that I need to write as often as I can. This is
what writers do they write
I need to carve out a specific time for my writing. This
is important because throughout, the course of my writing,
I will get discourage, angry, bored, or otherwise, fed-up
and when I start feeling this way I will need clearly
defined patterns to keep me working and writing.
On occasions I will need to shift my writing times around
to meet the demands of life around me. What do I mean by
specific writing times? I need to set aside two hours
every morning or evening and eight hours a day one day on
weekends. I need to decide how much time I am willing to
spend, each week writing. And stick to it. I believe that
many would-be writers defeat themselves because they set a
schedule and do not stick to it. I need to be realistic in
the time I plan, and live by it.
In my first week, I need to decide what my topic is going
to be that I will write about. I may not have every detail
work out, but I will begin that process. I am not going to
procrastinate – procrastination is the enemy. The time has
come to stop talking about writing. And write.
What kind of novels appeal to me? Legal thrillers John
Grisham is one of my favorite authors. I also like self
help books and motivational speakers; right now I am
reading Eckhart Tolle. I am considering American short-
stories as well. Right now I just want to write just to
begin the process of writing. I need to think of what to
write from what is right around me, from what I know and
care deeply about. It does not matter on I decide to
write. There are no rules other than the story has to be
very, very interesting. It can be exciting, fun, funny,
scary, or sad – but it most not be boring to the reader.
I need to analyze and learn. I need to take my favorite
novel of the type that I want write and read it again, as
if it were a how-to-manual for becoming a millionaire. Now
read breaking it in sections. Outline the actions and
writing down on large sheets of paper and than pin them to
the wall in my office. Although, there are rules about
writing, I would like to cautious, start small. I would
like to remember the acronym KISS for the design
principle "keep it simple and stupid.” I want to keep my
ideas small and focused.
I will look into my creative soul and search for a little
story, but one that has special meaning to me. We are all
part of a human family. If I create a story that has deep
meaning for my, chances are it will have special mean to
my readers.

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