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2010-01-30 03:14:08 (UTC)

End of School

19 may 2003
Alan Rodríguez Penney
Age: 14
Birth: May 24, 1988
State of Mind: tranquil, peaceful
Time: 11:25 PM at night
Family sleeping
Kathy I love you
Why is life so complicated? I feel LONELY.
This night I feel lonely,
small, but this is only
one out of many times
I experience in a life-time
Why do I think in Kathy so much?
Is this obsession? I hope not.

May 19th, 2003
Monday 11:43 PM
today is the last day me and Kathy will see each other at school. We both
skipped class in the morning, and spent our time together during the 1st
period at the school court, where we've spent most of the time the whole year
together. I asked her if she wanted to french-kiss. She agreed. Thing is,
neither of us had a clue how to. And since Kathy was kind of nervous on the
idea of having someone's tounge in her mouth, she got pretty tense. In the
end we didn't french-kiss, we just kissed. Neither of us didn't even open our
mouths. What can I say, we're only starting. We took the Soc. Stu. test after
End of entry

October 21st, 2002
I ask Kathy to be my girlfriend, somewhere between 1:20PM - 2:10PM en
el salón de educación física, and she accepted. Thanks to Nohelia who forced
me to go in the room and ask her.
October 28th, 2002
Me and Kathy's first kiss. I did this because Reina almost kissed me.

May 24, 2003
Saturday 12:32 AM
Today I turn 15. Not as excited though like in the past years. Right now I
feel deceived. Me and Kathy were chatting not long ago and she decides to
leave to go watch one of her shows on TV. Hell, if I were her I would've at
least stay 'till mid-night to say happy birthday or something. But what can I
do? That's just the way she is. It's a strong habit of her's. You can't expect
someone to do something or be someone else to suit yourself. Everyone has
defects. I'm sure I have plenty, but I only recognize a few of them.
Sweet dreams, Kathy

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