jpo-just plain ordinary

perfectly imperfect
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2010-01-30 02:31:07 (UTC)

Sucky day

Today sucked!
First off school started great(: then my best friend gets back with her
boyfriend,which i dont like. Im not jelous. Its the fact that he cheats on her
and tells her to her face. Like how dumb can you get!? Another thing is that
she tells me stuff and i turn around and see them sucking face! But now my
relationship is about to fall off the edge.
Then i pierced my nose on sunday and my mom doesnt know,so ofcourse i
take it out when i get home. Well what does my dumb ass do??? Take a
I lose it! So now i have to let it close then repierce it AND buy a new ring.
Ohhhhhh joy!
I lost a few friends and a nose ring. Best day ever,yo!!

-signed JPO
(just plain ordinary)